Who We Are

Our Honeymoon Phase was created to help couples bring their dream honeymoon to reality. Unlike most travel agencies, we build our packages based on personal experience and offer the option of a honeymoon registry. Our team is comprised of a variety of travel enthusiast from backpackers and adventure seekers to luxury travelers. Combined, we have the experience to create custom packages to meet your budget and assure that you get the most out of your vacation. Our Honeymoon Phase hopes to give couples the opportunity to turn fantasy honeymoon plans into unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

How It Works

Our Honeymoon Phase works with each couple on a one-on-one basis (face-to-face depending on availability of the client) to create their dream honeymoon and build an exclusive registry page. Once the registry is built the couple is provided a unique web link for their registry page, this gives them the ability to share their registry with wedding guests on wedding invitations, social media, e-mail blasts, billboards, even airplane banners!

Every personalized registry consists of:

Photos of the couple

Anticipated honeymoon plans

Break down of entire honeymoon into single registry options for guests to purchase for the bride and groom (i.e., Plane tickets, hotel stays, excursions, massages, dinner, drinks, etc.)

With this many options, every guest is sure to find something they want to mark off the registry, however, if they don’t there’s an option for those guests as well. If there’s not an aspect of the honeymoon that catches a guests’ eye they have the option to make a general purchase that will go toward the overall honeymoon. Each purchase that is made will include the purchaser’s name and address and give them an option to send well wishes to the couple.

Frequently Asked Questions?

So, What is Honeymoon Registry?

A honeymoon registry is the new way to register for what you actually want. Together our team will help you plan your dream honeymoon and provide a link to share with your guests that will allow them to buy every aspect of your honeymoon at affordable price points. Your page will give guests the option to purchase  a night of drinks all the way up to your flight, and everything in between.

How early should we start planning our honeymoon?

We recommend six months ahead of your honeymoon date. This will give us time to get your site together, make sure you have passports and everything ready to go.

What if we don’t have our passports?

  • No problem, our team can provide you the information you need to set up your appointment and make sure you have the right paperwork. It is recommended that you apply for your passport at least four months prior to your vacation.
  • Link to US Passport Forms:


What if a guest doesn’t find something they want to purchase or if everything is bought?

While every aspect of the honeymoon will be available for purchase, we understand that your Mother-in-Law’s third cousin won’t be purchasing anyone’s flight. For these instances, we provide a general option that is available for purchase which goes toward the overall honeymoon.